Management Processes

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Every organization has management processes. These processes are the way things get done. Management processes include everything from the new product development process to the cash-management process to the customer service process. Perhaps more than any other company features, management processes determine the success or failure of the company.

The quality of management processes can vary widely within a company. Most managers would admit that certain management processes are sub-optimal. Said differently there are opportunities for improvement. Sometimes these opportunities are within a single department so the solution of the problem is within that single department and within the competency of a single manager.

More commonly, the opportunities for improvement cut across departments; consider customer service where many departments perform one customer-service element or another. In such situations improving the management process requires a decision by very senior managers in the company. Unfortunately senior managers may not have the time or experience to actually design the optimal process. Relying on less-senior managers is an option but those managers often have some personal interests that might shade results. As a result the management process may remain defective or improvements may not produce the hoped-for benefits.

TBSC consultants have worked with hundreds of organizations improve their management processes, particularly those that cut across departmental lines. We have the skills, experience and time to do this properly for nearly any organization. We can either deliver turn-key solutions to companies (for their implementation) or take the management team through an improvement process that creates full buy-in to the final solution.